Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Women play too


The always inquisitive Destuctoid published a piece on Harry and the burden of men in Silent Hill a couple of months back, and now Rely on Horror asks us to look forward to the women in town. The author, CJ Melendez, contemplates our lack of playing in female shoes beyond Silent Hill 3. Its a short, but interesting read, so click on over.

I believe the original three Silent Hill games strongly reflected the psyche of the male dominated Team Silent, with the natural conclusion to the tale being the introduction of Heather as a protagonist, especially after exploring Silent Hill through the eyes of Maria in Born from a Wish, and the gameplay opportunities it presented with a woman caught up in the horror. One can only imagine the discussions that happened within Team Silent between the men and women who created these games as the direction beyond Silent Hill 2 was charted.


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