Friday, September 30, 2011

Deadly Premonition returns?

Looks like we might be seeing more Deadly Premonition in the future. If you haven't spent any time with this gem, I hear its pretty special. I confess I'm not up on the HD gaming scene, not that I don't have opinions about it, but damn do I want to play this one. Anything reminiscient of Twin Peaks is a win for me, and I still love awkward controlling, PS2 gen, survival horror more than anything (except for a good FPS).

In an interview with GameCentral at, the game's creator, SWERY 65, says he has plans to both re-release the original game in a Special Edition, as well as wanting to put together sequels and prequels. Maybe this time around SCEA will consider a US release for this quirky title. Click over to read the original interview with SWERY 65.


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