Friday, September 9, 2011

Dino bites

Funny how this generation of downloadable games can bring attention to some of the forgotten gems of the past. Capcom's Dino Crisis was a venture into survival horror beyond their usual zombie fare, and an experiment for Capcom using 3D rendered environments as opposed to the pre-rendered visuals of the Resident Evil series. Debuting 12 years ago, Dino Crisis was revived this Spring as a downloadable title on PSN, giving us a chance to relive some of the scares this game has to offer. gave a nice overview of the title in its original incarnation in January, complete with PS1 era graphics which received a sight update for their most recent release.

If you never played the game, click on over to read what GGSGamer has to say about it. I was always  fond of Dino Crisis, but I never finished it, abandoning it in frustration with its typical Capcom-obtuse-inventory-management-system.


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