Wednesday, October 17, 2012


New developer Red Barrels Games is bringing a new survival horror game to PCs titled Outlast. I'l let the trailer speak for itself (spooky, running, tense, okay I sort of cheated).

Created by an experienced team of mostly(?) Ubisoft vets, this title looks like it will definitely bring some excitement to the genre. Check out the trailer and then click over to the Red Barrels site for more info.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crawling the Hill

Bitmob posted some quick impressions of WayForward's Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PS Vita. In particular they point out the game's dungeon crawling style, and the series' history of trying to break gaming conventions. Its an interesting take on how Konami is trying to figure out what is next for Silent Hill without the work of Team Silent. Click over to read more...

The TV trailers are upon us

Lots of official and homebrew TV spots for Silent Hill Revelation 3D are popping up all over YouTube. Beyond the official commercials, some of the fan made trailers feature additional footage of note as well. Click through to YouTube to see the latest clips from the film, debuting in the US October 26.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Resident WTF?

I confess I was never was much of a Resident Evil fan. I didn't score my first PS1 until late 1998 (Bushido Blade was my must have game--BTW, thanks bro). My first RE game was Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on the PlayStation, and I loved it. I was not a fan of the save system, but I found it less cumbersome than Dino Crisis, so I had my "in" to the premiere zombie game series.

Then I tried Resident Evil 2, and was like "wha... I already played this didn't I?" and I dropped it. In the PS2 era, I poked at Code Veronica a little--it scared the piss out of me, and I couldn't comprehend the controls before dying. I had other games I wanted to play by that time (thus began the backlog from hell). I have an unplayed RE:4 for the PS2--I keep promising myself to upgrade to the Wii version, but the dreaded backlog and parenting keep getting in the way.

Now, along comes the Jim Sterling and his less than favorable review of RE:6. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Sure, the reviews are all over the place if you check Metacritic. Which reviewers should you trust: the XBox 360 reviews or the PS3 reviews? Honestly, on Metacritic anything about a 70 is usually worth trying, but wow, Mr. Sterling is not a fan. Given that the series has never really clicked with me, I'm not surprised.

Click on over to read how Mr. Sterling really feels about Resident Evil 6.
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