Thursday, September 29, 2011

The voices are back

The always reliable Rely on Horror has reported that Guy Cihi, along with the rest of the original voice cast of Silent Hill 2 have come to a settlement for licensing their voices for future use. This ends a long running near-feud with Guy and Konami over the use of his voice for James Sunderland.

Initial fan response to the new voice work was a little cold at this years Gamescon 2011, so this is viewed by many as a good thing. I think it is more fascinating to watch how Konami continues to recognize the importance of audio work, especially voice work in its games, and is making effort to preserve the original work of its artists. I hope the new actors who intended to replace the old ones get a decent kill-fee for their work.

Click on over for more details, and to view a photo of the signing that "used to be" on Facebook (I'm sure there is a whole story to that too).


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