Monday, January 16, 2012

Nintendo finally unleashes the demos

Clockwise from top left: Lit, Rage of the Gladiator,
Zombie Panic in Wonderland, World of Goo

Got a Wii? You probably do. Do you use it much? That likely depends on your age and whether or not you use Netflix or the Homebrew Channel. Well, it looks like Nintendo wants you to pick up your Wiimote again, because they finally unleashed all of their WiiWare demos... like all of them. There are some good things in there if you dig around, demos for great games like Lit and Zombie Panic in Wonderland. Even recent stalwarts like World of Goo offer a unique Wii spin by offering a co-op mode not found on other platforms. Go dig around, you might find something worth playing. We can always use fresh meat in Bomberman Blast.


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