Monday, January 23, 2012

Plug in your dead

I've been looking for a picture of this thing since the press release hit January 9. Thanks to this fine gentleman, I finally found what seems to be a package mock-up, that was likely featured at CES earlier this month.

Jakks Pacific, home of plastic Smurfs, Hello Kitty toys, Pokemon plushes, and the brilliant thing known as Plug it in & Play TV Games, announced January 9 they would bring us a Plug & Play game featuring The Walking Dead. Announced at CES 2012, Jakks is repurposing their Big Buck Hunter technology to bring us the Teen rated joy of shooting walking corpses, while tethered to your television, just like Rick Grimes does on your favorite TV show.

I have always had a soft spot for Plug & Plays, as they were a gateway device to introduce my kids to video games. I hope they can do the license justice.

EDIT Jan. 24: I Ran across this pic of Shane, actor Jon Bernthal, with what looks to be the model of the gun from the front of the mocked-up package. The "in use" picture of the teen with the plastic shotgun is likely from a Big Buck Hunter photoshoot, just with digitally recolored plastic. Its interesting to note that Jakks has moved this controller away from neon green and hunter orange to a more neutral blue, and has upgraded its form factor to a more realistic design.

I imagine they won't be using too many images of zombies on the packaging. The game's Teen rating should ensure its placement within the toy aisles of Walmart, alongside the latest SpongeBob  Plug & Play.


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