Thursday, February 10, 2011

LIT lights up the Wii with a demo

In the mood for a trip to Silent Hill, but need something a little different? The WiiWare game LIT now  has a free demo available for download on the Wii console as of this past Friday (February 4). For Silent Hill fans, this game delivers a nice slow burn of creepiness as you maneuver through a high school beset with shadowy horror. Sure, its another school, but at least its not the "same" school we have already visited in our many trips to Silent Hill.

LIT is a puzzle game where you activate lamp switches and break glass windows to create paths of light that will enable you to reach a room's exit. Malevolent creatures hide within the shadows and will take any opportunity they can to grab you and absorb you into the darkness should you make a mistake. Obstacles located around the room mean there is some decent problem solving on each level. And, every couple of levels presents you with a boss fight. Bosses tend to be aggressive, and can break the rule that monsters exist only in the shadows of the rooms you are traversing. While there are trial and error elements to the puzzle solving, the game really does build a nice, constant tension, and when you accidentally step into the dark and are pulled under by the the hands of unseen terrors, you can't help but jump, no matter how many times you misstep to your doom.

Grab the demo from the Wii Shop Channel while it is available, and give it a try. LIT definitely got some fun gameplay and nice polish, and it might help scratch your Silent Hill itch on the Wii for a while.


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