Friday, February 4, 2011

Jill's not so Final retrospective

If you know Jill Sandwich, you know Final Girl. If you know Final Girl you know of Stacie. If you follow the Final Girl blog, you know you will see some crazy things. Stacie Ponder, the webmistress of both sites, has posted a retrospective on the Silent Hill series. Sure, there are lots of retrospectives on Silent Hill, but only one written by Stacie.

Stacie is one of those women, that when you learn about who she is and what she does you think, "Damn, she sounds so cool. I would love to be able to hang out with her." But then, as you read about all the things she blogs about and does, you realize that you just can't keep up with her awesomeness. Go check out her article, and then explore the rest of her sites. Keep in mind Final Girl covers some crazy stuff occasionally, but if you play Silent Hill, then you know what you will be getting into by becoming a Final Girl fan.


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