Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"30 Days of Night" books on sale

BTW, several collected volumes of the 30 Days of Night graphic novel/comic book series are currently on clearance at your local Barnes & Noble booksellers. This creepy book was adapted into an equally creepy (and bloody) movie in 2007. The books feature the writing of Steve Niles and (most) have the wonderful art of Ben Templesmith, who some of you may remember from the Silent Hill graphic novels. Templesmith also illustrated the Dead Space comic book which was reproduced as an animated motion comic in the highly underrated Wii game Dead Space Extraction.

I've always been interested in Templesmith's work, but never engaged with it until I played Dead Space Extraction (highly underrated IMHO), and watched the motion comic as I unlocked it during the game--the comic's animated presentation, complete with full voice cast and sound effects is amazing.

The 30 Days of Night books can be found at your local brick and mortar Barnes & Nobles--be aware that online pricing doesn't match what you may find in the stores. If you miss these books at their special price, they are still worth picking up, and I'm sure your local comic book store would be more than happy to help you amass a collection. For myself, I plan on finally picking up the Silent Hill Omnibus in the next couple of weeks, so I can finally catch up with what has been happening in the illustrated pages depicting our favorite town.


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