Thursday, March 22, 2012

Silent Hill butter cake

I love Gourmet Gaming. Its one of those brilliant little ideas that someone not only had, but then went ahead and created something with. Gourmet Gaming's aim is to actually make the food we see in the games that we play.

A few month back my kids and I made Poffins from on of their recipes--we had a little trouble along the way, like not understanding how yeast needs heat to rise, and we sort of started a little late in the evening, and we didn't finish them until 1:00 a.m., and they turned out a little mushy (our fault), but we watched a great movie while we waited for them to rise and bake. So, I have been sort of hooked to the site ever since (but haven't had the nerve to make anything else).

They finally got around to making a Silent Hill treat, Butter Cake. Found on the store shelves in Silent Hill 2, this treat seems pretty popular in town. The recipe is pretty easy, but be aware that Gourmet Gaming likes to make things from scratch--no store bought mixes here!


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