Friday, October 21, 2011


If there was ever a game that should not fade into obscurity, Abuse is it. Fortunately for us, Sam Hocevar has got our backs.

This little game made by Crack dot Com was published by EA, Bungie, and Red Hat. How about that for credentials? A darling of the young Linux community when it debuted, Abuse captured the imagination of everyone who saw it--a fast, 2D sidescrolling shooter, with you as a Predator fighting Aliens. Not licensed Predators and Aliens, but who needs a license when your game looks and plays this good?

The objective of the game is to run around the map and shoot anything that moves, and there are plenty of things moving. At one time this game even featured multiplayer.

Abuse's source code was released years ago, and various people and projects have tried to keep it alive since then. I haven't been successful trying to play it since Apple OS 8 when I bought my copy from Bungie. Now, Abuse has been ported to the iPhone and to the Wii, my preferred platform for retro console emulation. Regardless of which platform you play it on check it out.


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