Friday, April 15, 2011

I remember the days...

Lakeside Amusement Park photographed by ~EvidencE~
I remember when filming started on the first Silent Hill movie, and the fan forums were awash in set photos and tales of fan pilgrimage. At that time, I daydreamed of a car trip to Canada to dig around the set after filming--ridiculous, I know.

With production of the new movie Silent Hill: Revelations 3D well underway, its that time again--more and more pics keep turning up--of particular note are the photos from Flickr user ~EvidencE~ who has managed to take some really wonderful pics during filming. These are fully lit, night photos of the set and props in the middle of production. Amazing stuff, especially the ones that reveal secrets.

Thanks to ~EvidencE~ for letting me use one of his photos, Copyright 2011.


yoshemo said...

I'm unhappy. They made the flyers and stuff look like its trying to be scary on its own. In the games, Lakeside was a regular amusement park with regular cute and furry mascots, not filled with evil clowns. And I'm sad that Pyramid Head is sticking his knife into this movie where it doesn't belong again

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