Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The fear of yarn tends to create fear for the stitch

As a Silent Hill fan, one thing you won't find in abundance is licensed merchandise. Sure, there are some super expensive and rare DVDs, some incredibly rare statues (and incredibly pricey), and an occasional book or two of interest, priced just out of your reach.

As a result, the fan community has to make do, or better yet, just make. Fortunately there are people like Christen of Needle Noodles stepping in to help out. I met Christen on the crafting circuit a few years back when we picked up a Cthulhu amigurumi from her. As you start to look at the rest of her products you see a definite pattern--very cool, a little scary, a lot of cute. Christen is another one of those amazing people that leave you wondering how she was able to connect the dots between crochet and Cthulhu and still stay sane. She even has a book (actually two books so far), Creepy Cute Crochet: Zombies, Ninjas, Robots, and More! of some of her most popular projects you can build yourself. The book is an incredible production--fun projects presented in a wonderfully designed hardback.

So, what is the connection to Silent Hill? Pyramid Head and Robbie the Rabbit, that's what. Click over to Needle Noodles and you'll find free patterns to build your own Silent Hill nightmares--complete with large photos to help you all along the way.

Isn't he cute?


josefin-carlsson said...

it will kill us all! =D <3

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