Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Silent Hill: Revelation casting reveal coming soon

Film director and writer Michael J. Bassett keeps teasing us with the casting reveal for Heather in his upcoming production Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Bassett is no stranger to creepy movies, with films like Solomon Kane and Death Watch under his belt. This upcoming Silent Hill film will focus on the story told in Silent Hill 3, and Heather's discovery of who she is and what the future holds for her.

Very little has been said about the casting of this film up until know, even with principal photography scheduled to start in March. I would love to see some continuity with Sean Bean or Radha Mitchell, but such wishes are usually only fanboy dreams. Filming will occur in England rather than Canada this time, so expect lots of that classic English weather.

Bassett's visual stylings should meld well with the previous work done by Christophe Gans in the first Silent Hill film. My biggest hope for this new movie is that Bassett drops the first's pseudo-Christian fundamentalist cult for The Order that was depicted in the games. The handling of religion and its role in the Silent Hill games has always been complex and fascinating to say the least, and one of the things that helps to raise it up to a "mature" game--not using violence and sex to tell a story, but rather "ideas." IMHO, the original film's representation of religion seemed to be a complete dumbing down of what made the games so interesting--essentially undermining the foundation of the story and its horror. I can only wonder if this direction came from Sony Pictures in an effort to broaden the film's appeal. Hopefully, Bassett and Sony Pictures will trust the sophistication and education of its audience a little more this time, and allow the underlying story to be told with all of its depth and complexity intact.


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