Friday, March 4, 2011

Lego Romero's Dead Zombie Town Folk Pack

The more I think about Traveller's Tales games, Lego video games, and Romero's Zombies, the more I keep thinking what a brilliant idea a Lego Romero's Dead game would be.

Zombie Apocafest 2008 pictures from Dunechaser

They could even bundle them up like the Star Wars games. The first game could be Lego Romero's Time of the Dead, featuring adaptations of the movies Night, Dawn, and Day. The sequel could be Lego Romero's Dead Land, and would feature the movies Land, Diary, and Survival. You would have all the great elements of a TT Lego game with drop-in/drop-out gameplay, constructable and destructible items, multiple story based scenarios with level progression, lots of unlockables, like new weapons and characters... the mind reels from the possibilities.

You know they would sell like crazy, and that Media Watchdog groups would completely freak out. Though it looks like Terry Paton has beat us to it:

Play Minifig Zombie Tower Defence


Kelly said...

That's really wrong, I love it!!!

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