Monday, August 13, 2012

Hunted, never safe

Rockstar rarely plays it safe. Even its ping pong game has an edge, with its sweating, snarling competitors. You expect one of your opponents to shout an expletive, or throw his racket at you at any moment.

Much has been said about the Rockstar magic over the years--books have been written uncovering its naughty bits and manufactured controversies. I think my favorite stunt that Rockstar pulled was when they finally released Bully--a game that came no where near the heights of depravity it was being accused of prior to its release.

Eurogamer has a history of writing good reviews that often end up populating the top of the lists on Metacritic. They also do some nice non-review work, reports and essays reminiscent of the work of Destructoid. This weekend Jon Denton gave us a look back at Rockstar's Manhunt. Jon has some interesting observations on the title, its place in history, and its value in today's gaming world. Click on over to read what he has to say.


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