Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sony finally tries to make some tracks... hopefully not too late

Looks like Sony is finally taking the competition seriously. The Escapist translates for us what  Tecnoblog wrote about a new slimmer PS3 rumor.

If Sony's smart, they'll bring this in under $200, and give hold outs (like me) an excuse to finally upgrade. The Wii and XBox 360 are at price points that makes it a no brainer to pick up new hardware for Xmas and birthdays, but the PS3 not so much. Despite what the media reports, there are still a lot of consoles to be sold to late adopters, or folks who already have another platform and are cross-platform curious. I'm sure Nintendo is still selling the hell out of some Wiis, and despite what many game journalists are saying, the 3DS is outselling the original DS, putting a lot of hardware into people's hands. EDIT: Nintendo also just announced 5 Million in sales in the US.

If Sony can deliver at a cheaper price point, they can make up the loss with Blu-ray license fees and higher game sales. The current offerings for Playstation Plus subscribers means they could bypass the brick and mortar stores with downloadable games more easily, and all that DL revenue is pure profit, without the middle man.

Sony better do something quick, before Microsoft swallows up Activision, otherwise, they'll be dead in the water if Call of Duty ends up an XBox exclusive. Nintendo can handle that kind of pressure, Sony can't.


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