Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winter: snow in Summer

Its amazing how much work can be put into a game that never gets released. Winter is one such game.

n-space, a seasoned maker of games (17 years), recently made a name for themselves porting Activision's Call of Duty franchise to the DS, but a few years ago they worked on a survival horror title that looked a little familiar. IGN has an extensive amount of material documenting everything n-space did to bring this title to Wii fans. Unfortunately, we'll never get more than this peek.

The biggest question for me is why didn't Konami work with them on a Silent Hill title? Shattered Memories is certainly great, but I imagine it would not take much effort to reskin some of this game's assets to bring it into the Silent Hill family much like what was done with Silent Hill 4: The Room.


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