Monday, February 20, 2012

Plug & Play reloaded

photo shamelessly swiped from MTV Geek.
I can't believe I missed MTV Geek's coverage of Jakks Pacific's The Walking Dead Plug it in and Play TV Game. Jakks' had a fairly nice looking show display at Toy Fair 2012 promoting the game, complete with near-lifesize cardbord cut-outs of some of our favorite cast members and what look to be the actual controllers. MTV Geek also spoke with Jakks' own Jared Wolfson to get the two minute pitch.

photo shamelessly swiped from ChipChick
Tech Woman blog ChipChick got in on the action too, with some good pics like the one above showing us how big this controller actually is. Jakks often offers their gun games in 1 or 2 player sets, so I imagine the color difference is to accommodate the 2-player set, or maybe they just haven't made up their mind on the product's color yet. The size of the gun is actually pretty impressive, especially compared to how small their hunting game controllers usually are, and I feel are likely bigger to appeal to an older demographic. I love fake paper logo label on the side of the gun that is "not quite" color matched, nor well affixed along the bottom edge.

The funniest part of this item, other than the press release, is that the product does not show up on Jakks' website. Nor, are there any screenshots to be found anywhere. Like so many things, the fans are likely far more excited by this item than the company that makes it.

So far, the release is scheduled for holiday 2012. Let's hope they can bring it to us a little sooner than that.


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